5 reasons why you should try Instant Checkout

Instant Checkout 11 mar 2021

1# Login without password

You don’t need to remember your password: Instant combines login and payment functionalities into a simple and passwordless checkout flow. After filling out only 5 fields you can checkout in one click for all the following purchases.

2# Network experience

Every time you find a new shopping site offering Instant Checkout you’ll be able to purchase with the same easy and quick 1-click experience. You’ll always feel like a regular customer in every e-business.

3# Secure payments

We care about your safety online: our team comes from years of expertise in international payments’ security and efficiency. And over 50'000 customer have already enjoyed our experience.

4# Customer support

We are here to help: our support specialists are constantly online to help you solve any issue and complete your purchase as soon as possible.

5# It's Instant Checkout...for real

Completing your purchase takes...instants. You can spend your time doing what you like!

Make your life easier using Instant Checkout. Reach out if you want to know more about it!

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