The most common issues that wreck checkout

Instant Checkout 23 feb 2021

When developing an ecommerce, the checkout procedure is all too often overlooked. As a matter of fact, every second lost, and every extra step at checkout, has a huge negative impact on conversion.

That’s the reason why we decided to talk again about the checkout process. As we pointed out in this blogpost, the average cart abandonment rate is over 75%. In order to reduce this warning number it’s important to focus on the most common issues that customers have to face.

#1 Account registration

28% of online stores still require their buyers to register before they can complete the purchase: this solution looks helpful to collect shoppers’ data, but it’s actually a huge churn factor. Few customers are willing to lose the time needed to register new credentials, and recurring ones can have a hard time remembering or recovering passwords. They will just move where they are already logged-in.

#2 Endless fields

18% of customers leave their cart without completing the purchase due to a too long process, with too many fields to fill. The average checkout has over 24 elements to look at, often requiring to type twice the same info. A time consuming and unnecessary step which pushes away many prospect buyers.

#3 Poor customer service

Ecommerce customer support is another common sore point. The matter of serving an easy and quick solution to an in-need buyer is incredibly underrated. When customers are facing a bottleneck, waiting to find a resolution to a trivial issue drives them to other ecommerce store.

#4 Card issues

There are many reasons why payments can be a snarl. The most common is the inability of completing a purchase because the card is unduly declined. Other times, some shoppers need to feel confident in order to fill their card data into the checkout. Having trusted third parties, that customers can find in multiple stores, to take care of the payment part has become a pillar of modern headless ecommerce.

#5 Data errors

Error validation can also be a true pain in the neck. Imagine a buyer who is filling personal information for several minutes, oftentimes checking the data on other pages or on papers, and eventually gets stuck because of a common typo or a missing field. A massive number of e-stores still report generic errors without highlighting what went wrong. This leaves a frustrated and unhappy customer unable to find his way through this labyrinthine checkout. Ironically he is not even able to reach live customer support and be rescued.

The key: customer experience

The checkout is the key moment for online conversions in ecommerce. It can generate loyalty or lose it forever. It should be an easy, user-friendly and pleasant shopping experience, not a test of courage. Focusing on what customers need is the only way to make them happy.

Instant Checkout was born to make customers happy and merchants’ life easy solving all these issues with just 1 plugin.

If you want to know more about it or install our simple plugin into your e-commerce, check our page and reach out!

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