Introducing Instant Checkout: a rocky startup journey to the new standard for e-commerce 🧗‍♂️

Instant Checkout 5 feb 2021
Instant Checkout – 0 passwords. 1-click payment.
Meet the fastest checkout experience available on the web. Instant merges login and payment functions into one button. One click, no passwords. Instant.

Life is hard. And startup life is no exception.

At Stamp, things have never been much easy. We founded Stamp four years ago with a simple goal: make customers happier and let merchants sell more. We didn’t know the challenges awaiting us. We had to learn how to deal with them, how to overcome them.

Aggressive incumbent monopolists, endless regulatory fights, frustrating door-to-door pitches. That was our daily life even before the pandemic brought the whole tourism industry to the ground. We signed term-sheets on the verge of bankruptcy - twice - and opened new countries days before Covid. For us, doing startup means pushing to the limit.

So we had to grow thick skin, stay lean, and sacrifice everything else.

But it’s the hottest fire that makes the hardest steel. Just a handful individuals managed to deliver an incredible stack of technology products, onboard hundreds of merchants and satisfy tens of thousands of clients. And even break our sales record in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Now the world is changing and new opportunities are opening up. We are small, but fast. In silence, we reloaded our technology to expand our products and address the online market.

The result is Instant Checkout: a seamless, one step checkout process that includes a 1-click payment and authentication without passwords. Instant kills the obsolete - and damaging - cart experience, introducing a new standard for e-commerce.

In a world where 80% of online sales are lost during checkout, we are delivering the fastest alternative on the market.

When life hits hard... hit back harder. Welcome to Instant Checkout.

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