Why is ecommerce checkout so important?

Instant Checkout 10 feb 2021

Have you ever promised yourself to complete that online order later, but never did? Have you ever moved to another website where you were already logged-in, without need to fill all those info again and again? Well, you are not alone. While shopping online, customers have to face many obstacles which drag them into the abandonment of carts.

It’s striking to think that the average cart abandonment rate is over 75%. Analyzing the main issues related to this unbelievably bad conversion, it turns out that 28% of customers dropout their carts because of the mandatory registration, 21% because of a too complex checkout form and 17% because they experienced checkout or payment errors.

Something is broken. And we decided to fix it. We came up with a rapid checkout process where customers can purchase with 1-Click and 0 passwords: Instant Checkout.

The average checkout form has 24 elements: 15 fields to fill, 22 clicks and 5 steps. Every second spent on checkout erodes conversion. Instant Checkout only needs 5 fields and 1 step for a first time user. While the second time you buy, even on new websites, it's a light-speed 1-click only, with 0 fields to fill and no extra authentication.

But we also made sure that those 5 fields work correctly. We employed the best live-checking and auto-fill technology to avoid possible errors such as declined cards and wrong shipping address. This means happier customers, no frauds and a state-of-the-art website.

That’s why Instant Checkout boosts sales over 20% by shrinking the entire process.

If you want to know more about it or install our simple plugin into your e-commerce, check our page or reach out!

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