The Ecommerce trends to follow in 2021

Instant Checkout 16 mar 2021

Why is keeping an eye on E-commerce trends so important? Global online transactions have increased 4 times since last year. Staying ahead of competition has become essential to thrive in this new landscape.

πŸ“± Mobile Shopping is growing fast

It's estimated that 73% of online sales will be made by mobile device by the end of 2021. It's fundamental to not underestimate these data and improve the customer experience for mobile shoppers.

πŸ”₯ The Role of Social Media

The features related to ecommerce by Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok are becoming visibly more frequent and popular. The β€œbuy” button on Facebook and the Instagram Checkout are just two examples, without forgetting the importance of influencer marketing.

The number of social shoppers is growing incredibly fast and it marks a truly and absolute change on our way to perceive shopping.

πŸ› Independent business

57% of customers desire to purchase from small and independent businesses. The increase in sales of online small business is made easier by the willingness to support them during the crisis bursted by the pandemic.

🌳 Let’s go green

Digital shoppers are becoming more and more concerned about environmental issues. 50% of them is interested in green consumerism.

Online stores need to give more importance and visibility to being environmentally friendly.

πŸ˜‰ Personalization of the online experience

Knowing your clients and making them feel comfortable and understood is not a plus anymore. Investing in personalization tactics to offer a unique online experience and create a long-lasting relationship is required by the 50% of shoppers. Β 

🌍 Headless is the new standard

Headless commerce is about mastering every aspect of your ecommerce website by employing multiple specialized external services. Rather than developing the stores in-house, with high costs of maintenance and slow updating, ecommerce managers are now moving to standardized platforms that give them the freedom to plug-in the best independent services for any of their needs, such as inventory management, data analysis or customer support.

To improve the checkout experience, essential to reduce cart abandonment, Instant Checkout has developed a number of simple plugins enabling 1-Click payments for the major ecommerce platforms, and open API for the websites that haven't gone "headless" yet.

To know more about Instant Checkout visit our site or reach us.

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