5 tips for a successful ecommerce website

Instant Checkout 5 mar 2021

Since the arrival of covid-19 everything is online. That’s why there is no better moment to build an ecommerce. The competition is fierce and having an outstanding ecommerce website is essential.

1# Focus on User Experience

Every single detail of your website from product pages, to their images, to the checkout could change your user’s decision to make a purchase. User Experience has the power to convert a customer into a regular client. Think like a website visitor.

2# Don't look cheap

Having a high-resolution image is mandatory. Think about creating a small gallery for each product. And be sure there isn't any pixelation or fuzziness that could make your product look cheap.

3# Don't distract your customer

Don't forget that you want to make a sale. Collecting customer’s information is important but not as much as directing your client to buy. Do not annoy them with mandatory registrations and endless popup windows.

4# Make it responsive

Mobile has surpassed desktop as the most popular way to surf online. This includes shopping. Be sure your ecommerce is mobile friendly during every step from the landing page to the checkout.

5# Easy and fast checkout

There are a few easy ways to make your checkout process simple on your e-commerce site. Don't force your customers to login, don't ask too much information and be sure the payment method is effortless.

We recommend you to give a look at Instant Checkout. It makes life easier solving all these issues with just 1 plugin. Customers can purchase with one click and no passwords. Reach out if you want to know more about it.

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